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"Striving towards concrete innovation"

Our Mission

  • Expand the market. Listen, observe, and learn.

  • Become leaders in all fields and expand our knowledge.

  • Focus on needs of our consumers, customers and partners.

  • Possess a world view. Strive to position one step ahead of the market needs.

디지털 태블릿을 사용하는 엔지니어

Our Values in 5P


Bring quality and consistency in our PC and positioning our product range towards the admixture markets needs.



Respect our people, provide opportunities, and become a family. HS is not owned by an individual, but by all our employees.



“Cooperate, grow together”, expand our network in every field to bring the best solution and support to our customers and suppliers. We strive to create mutual value and long-term relationships.



Increase and maximize long-term turnover while being mindful of sustainable quality and strategy.



Provide aid and support in a timely manner to ensure our business partners can experience the service they expect.

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